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Guoliang Li (PhD Student)

Research Interests

  • Black Carbon: size and coating


  • PhD Student at School of Energy and Environment, City Univerisity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, since 2015
  • Master of Environmental science and engineering, Ocean University of China, 2012 - 2015
  • Bachelor of Resources and Environment, Shandong Agricultural University, 2008 - 2012


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Lang, Y. H., Li, G. L., Wang, X. M., Peng, P., & Bai, J. (2015). Combination of unmix and positive matrix factorization model identifying contributions to carcinogenicity and mutagenicity for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons sources in Liaohe delta reed wetland soils, China. Chemosphere, 120, 431-437.
  • Lang, Y. H., Li, G. L., Wang, X. M., & Peng, P. (2015). Combination of Unmix and PMF receptor model to apportion the potential sources and contributions of PAHs in wetland soils from Jiaozhou Bay, China. Marine pollution bulletin, 90(1), 129-134.
  • Li, Guoliang, Yinhai Lang, Wei Yang, Peng Peng, and Xiaomei Wang. (2014)."Source contributions of PAHs and toxicity in reed wetland soils of Liaohe estuary using a CMB–TEQ method." Science of the Total Environment 490: 199-204.
  • Li, Guoliang, Yin-hai Lang, Maosheng Gao, Wei Yang, Peng Peng, Xiaomei Wang. (2014). Carcinogenic and mutagenic potencies for different PAHs sources in coastal sediments of Shandong Peninsula. Marine Pollution Bulletin; 84:418-423
  • Lang, Y. H., Li, G. L., Yang, W., Wang, X. M., & Peng, P. (2014). Ecological Risk and Health Risk Assessment of Dioxin-like PCBs in Liaohe Estuarine Wetland Soils, China. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 34(4), 425-438.
  • Yang, Wei, Yinhai Lang, and Guoliang Li. (2014). "Cancer risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the soils from Jiaozhou Bay wetland." Chemosphere 112: 289-295.
  • Yang, W., Lang, Y. H., & Li, G. L. (2014). Concentration, Source, and Carcinogenic Risk of PAHs in the Soils from Jiaozhou Bay Wetland. Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 34(4), 439-451.

    Contact information

    Guoliang Li
    PhD Student
    School of Energy and Environment
    City University of Hong Kong
    Phone: +(852)-3442-4731
    Fax: +(852)-2319-5927
    Email: lglfa888@gmail.com