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Research projects

Funding Body Period Fund Role Title
GRF(11263216) 2017-19 (On-going) $675,647 PI Transformation of water soluble iron speciation in particulate matter: evidence in the atmosphere and implication on particle oxidative potential
GRF(11204115) 2016-18 (Completed) $462,455 PI Semi-volatile particulate matter (PM) species in roadside environment: Role in gas-particle partitioning and formation of oxidative potential
ECS(21201214) 2016-18 (Completed) $706,737 PI Black carbon in urban atmosphere: size and coating from near-source to ambient environment
GRF(102809) 2010/2011 (Completed) $649,000 PI Development of a New Technique to Derive Emission Inventories from Satellite Data
Applied Research Grant (ARG- 9667140) 2016-05 to 2018-04 (Completed) $199,000 PI New generation wireless VOC sensor for industrial and domestic applications
Environmental Conservation Fund (ECF/22/2015) 2016-07 to 2018-07 (Completed) $987,950 PI Development of a mobile air sensor network in Hong Kong for sustainable air quality management and cost-effective traffic control
Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF/ ITS/324/13FP) 2014-07 to 2016-06 (Completed) $1,684,750 PI Development of a Smart, High Efficiency and Energy Saving PM2.5 Sensing and Purifying System for Indoor Air Cleaning
Environmental Conservation Fund (ECF/01/2012) 2013-06 to 2015-05 (Completed) $499,900 PI Investigation of primary PM and NOx emissions from on-road vehicles and their effect on roadside air quality in Hong Kong
Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF/10112061) 2013-03 to 2015-02 (Completed) $649,990 PI Physicochemical and toxicological assessment of passenger daily exposure to air pollutants in various public transport systems in Hong Kong
Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF/6986019) 2015-03 to 2016-09 (On-going) $401,000 PI Campus Air Monitoring (CAM) Network in CityU for Environmental Awareness and Energy Saving Facility Management
Applied Research Grant (ARG/9667102) 2014-05 to 2015-04 (Completed) $199,900 PI New Generation of Greenhouse Gases Sensor by Dispersive Absorption Infrared Spectroscopy
CityU Seed Grant (SG/7003053) 2013-04 to 2014-03 (Completed) $60,000 PI Impact of atmospheric aging processes on the airborne black carbon size distributions in urban environment
CityU Applied R& D Funding (ARD/6351016) 2013-01 to 2013-12 (Completed) $400,000 PI Prototype Development of an Innovative Portable Air Sampler for Multiple PM2.5 and Bioaerosol Applications
Strategic Research Grant (SRG/7002781) 2012-08 to 2013-07 (Completed) $179,300 PI Generation of Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species from Size-Segregated Ambient Particulate Matter (PM) in Different Environments in Hong Kong
CityU Idea Incubator (6987011) 2013-05 to 2014-08 (Completed) $400,000 PI Developing a Student-oriented Community CO2 Observation Network to Promote Students’ Environmental Awareness and Community Engagement

Funding Body Period Fund Role Title
Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR (HKEPD/17-04647) 2018-19 (On-going) $1,100,000 PI Provision of Services for Development of a Proof-of-concept Protocol for the Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) with Sniffing Sensor System
Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR (HKEPD/14-02771) 2014-12 to 2016-06 (Completed) $1,200,000 PI Provision of Services for Quality Assurance and Protocol development of Next Gen Air Monitoring for Supersites Programme
Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR (HKEPD/15-00303) 2015-07 to 2016-07 (Completed) $1,380,000 PI Provision of Services for Continuous Monitoring of Roadside Air Quality in the Northern Hong Kong
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) via ARCADIS, U.S. Inc. 2014-09 to 2015-09 (Completed) $171,570 PI USEPA Green Village Project (VGP) sensor package in Hong Kong
Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR (HKEPD/14-0488) 2015-02 to 2016-02 (Completed) $630,000 PI Supply of Automated Analyzers for ‘Black Carbon’ Real-time Measurement
Environmental Protection Department via EMISSA Inc., Greece (HKEPD/13-01593) 2013-12 to 2014-12 (Completed) $136,105 PI Provision of Service for Evaluation of Methodologies for New Generation Vehicle Emission Model