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  • SEE5212 / SEE8220 Air Pollution Measurement Theories and Techniques (Postgraduate)
    • Syllabus
    • The course aims to provide students the fundamental theories and applications of the air pollution measurement techniques for both gas and particle phase pollutants. These include the practices of air pollution sampling and analysis techniques, as well as a variety of direct reading techniques for real time physical and chemical properties measurement of air pollution. The holistic training in this course shall equip the students with a rich knowledge set of theories and applications to solve complicated air pollution issues independently.


  • SEE4213 / SEE5211 Environmental Data Analysis (Postgraduate)
    • Syllabus
    • The course is designed for the senior undergraduate students in the Atmospheric and Climate Science program or beginning postgraduate students in the M.Sc. in Energy and Environment. The course will provide students with knowledge in using statistical methods in environmental science. These analysis methods such as probability distributions, parametric, tests of significance against non-parametric tests, Monte Carlo methods, power spectrum analysis, EOF analysis, and correlation method are very helpful for those senor or graduate students to understand the physical processes occurring in the atmosphere and the ocean, and to work on climate prediction.


  • SEE4211 Air Pollution (Undergraduate)
    • Syllabus
    • The course aims to develop a fundamental appreciation and understanding of current air pollution problems and to present a balanced perspective on air pollution science by covering: sources and sinks of pollutants, their chemical and physical transformations within the atmosphere, health implications, air pollution monitoring instrumentation and the mathematical modelling of pollution dispersion.

    Taught Postgraduate (TPg) student dissertations

  • MS in Energy and Environment, Semester A, 2011-2012
  • MS in Energy and Environment, Semester B, 2011-2012